Mikulov Actors´ Union

Stories from the history of Mikulov, theatre performance, shows, dance performances, parades in costumes, meetings with historic figures and more is offered by the local actors´ union. Recently the visitors to Mikulov have learned about the rich history of the town through walks in costumes and theatre performances inspired by local past events.

Theatre plays

Cardinal´s Ring

first performance in April 2002: Mikulov became famous mainly thanks to Moravian Prince, Cardinal Franz Dietrichstein (*1570 – †1636). The Prince contributed a lot to urban, commercial, craft and mainly spiritual development of the town to the main Moravian settlement. The Cardinal brought Capuchins to town, contributed to extension of Piarist education, and made Mikulov a major political centre and pilgrimage destination.

Thanks to the Actors´ Union the Cardinal sometimes visits the town to inspect its progress after the many centuries...

Liberation of King

first performance in March 2003: In 1403 the armoured squadron of the Mikulov castle liberated King Venceslas IV from Vienna prison. The event has been commemorated every year in the context of the Pálava vine harvest.

White Lady

first performance in March 2004: Hardly anybody knows that Lady Perchta, also called White Lady (*1429 – †1474) lived most of her unfortunate life in Mikulov, where her father Oldřich of Rožmberk married her in a very young age with marauding knight and fighter Jan of Liechtenstein. Despite the unhappy marriage Lady Perchta also spent a couple of nice moments in Mikulov, when she secretly met with her child lover Peter in the chateau garden several times.

In the course of the year the visitors and tourists coming to Mikulov can see White Lady returning to the chateau from time to time.

Historic Figures of the Town

Sample imageVisitors to Mikulov thus have a chance to meet not only the historic figures of the town, but also a team of enthusiasts, dressed in historic costumes, who offer tourists walks into the town history as well as entertainment.

If you do not feel like just waiting whom you meet in the streets of Mikulov, simply call to the “office” of the union secretary, who is empowered to introduce great personalities of Mikulov to you any time.

And if you put enough courage together, you can accompany the historic figures through the town, of course in a historic costume the actors will be happy to lend you.


  • Mgr. Jaromír Crhan
  • Actors´ Union of Mikulov
  • Hliniště 25
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  • Phone: 728 161541
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