Museum Association

The original Museum Association was founded in 1913. The beginnings were quite modest: enthusiastic members of the association collected antiquities and oddities to first exhibit them in 1922. That was the origin of the Mikulov Museum. The first custodian and later director became PhDr. Karel Jütttner (1883-1959), who extended the reach of the Museum across the region after the War.

Sample imageThe renewed Museum Association was established by General Meeting of its members held on 4 September 1992. In the fourteen years of its activity the Association has organised 17 lectures and 8 educational walks, established three monuments commemorating major personalities related to Mikulov, initiated one exhibition, three concerts, itemisation of three archive music compositions, commenced reconstruction of the local Jewish cemetery and provided facsimile of the privileges granted to the Jewish community. Its activity has inspired similar events by other players of Mikulov cultural life.

The current climax of activity of the Mikulov Museum Association has been construction of the memorial to the most significant figure of Mikulov history – Cardinal Prince Franz Dietrichstein. The project involved the town of Mikulov, the College Chapter of St. Venceslas´ Church, the Regional Museum, the District Archives of Břeclav district with registered seat at Mikulov, the Friends of Mikulov Association, the Mikulov Centre for European Culture, with the initiator being still the Museum Association. Despite certain reservations of non-Catholic Christians and people affected by the Revivalist concept of Czech history, the Museum Association successfully implemented the project in the end. The memorial was ceremonially opened on 11 October 2006 in the context of the Mikulov Symposium on Cardinal Dietrichstein and His Time (for more see www.archiv-mikulov.cz). The Museum Association is commencing 15th year of its renewed activity.

The Museum Association has 62 active members, long-term management being mainly represented by PaedDr. Jarmila Červená (chair) and Mgr. Svatopluk Vrbka (executive). Honorary membership has been granted to 18 individuals, including + Canon Vojtěch Samec, Ing. Gertrude Gröll, Prof. Ivan Dorovský, + Zdena Jelínková, Hermína Hlaváčková, Jaroslav Koželuha, Josef Lawitschka, + Prof. Rudolf Gajdoš, + Rudolf Vodička, + Ing. Arch. Otakar Oplatek, Nikos Armutidis, Prof. Stanislav Krátký or Miloslav Zbořil.


  • Museum Association in Mikulov
  • Mgr. Svatopluk Vrbka
  • ul. 22. dubna 29, 692 01 Mikulov
  • Phone: +420 519 510 559, +420 728 381 428
  • e-mail: vrbkovi@quick.cz