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National History Union of Pálava

The Mikulov folklore ensembles have become promoters of folklore tradition of the region. The extensive activities of all sections of the Pálava O.S. folklore ensemble (the individual ensembles give around 80 performances in Mikulov, as well as at various folklore festivals at home and abroad)  have begun for more than 20 years with the traditional Easter round.


  • Children folklore ensembles Palavěnka and Palavánek
  • Folklore ensembles Pálava and Píšťalenka
  • Pálava seniors and female chorus
  • Around 30 external members, including Kolík ensemble of the Elementary Music School in Mikulov, accompanying the Palavánek children folklore ensemble

Sample imageThe Mikulov folklore ensembles have become promoters of folklore tradition of the region.

The extensive activities of all sections of the Pálava O.S. folklore ensemble (the individual ensembles give around 80 performances in Mikulov, as well as at various folklore festivals at home and abroad)  have begun for more than 20 years with the traditional Easter round. Very important role is played by competitions of child folksong singers, including
- this year ´s 9th Mikulov Child Singer and 3rd Regional Festival of Moravian Slovakia. The competition is attended by around 70 children and the winners take part in the national round at Velké Losiny. We are glad that the competition has attracted extensive interest of the audiences, parents, teachers of music, artistic directors of folklore ensembles and the children themselves. The competition is organised jointly by the Pálava folklore association and the elementary school in Valtická street.

Another major cultural event in Mikulov is the traditional “Meeting below Dance Mountain“ - for nearly 25 years the beautiful venue of the chateau garden has featured children, youth and senior folk dance ensembles (taking turns by year).
Representative performances of the Mikulov ensembles include the annual appearances in the minority nations´ programme “Return to the Roots” in Brno, held under the auspices of the South Moravia Region. The Mikulov ensembles present there folk culture of Moravian Croatians. The rare revived music and dace repertory, the variety of the reconstructed costumes of the minority is the main item on the agenda of the Day of Culture of Croatians at Jevišovka. The years of hard work have culminated in the two-day symposium “Common Minority Nations”, held as part of the extensive programme of the Regional Museum in Mikulov. The sessions were attended by specialists from Slovakia, Austria and the Czech Republic. Professor Dorovský, the chair of the symposium, emphasized the meritorious work of the Pálava O. S. association, the only organisation in the Czech Republic documenting and presenting culture of Moravian Croatians.
On this occasion he did not forget to point out the priceless collecting activity of enthnographer Zdeňka Jelínková.
The “domestic” programmes are dominated by the traditional customs decorating the Pálava vine harvest. All ensembles perform in the Saturday programmes on the square and in the open air theatre.

Folklore programmes attract increasing numbers of audience together with the costume parade dominated with a typically decorated tractor. The parade features around 200 people in folk costumes.

Since last year, together with the Moravín Association of Vintners, we have revived the Triple Festival “Neighbours” connected with local wine tasting and traditional folk customs. The festival should become another step towards approximation of neighbouring nations, their mutual knowledge and understanding. We believe that the third week in August will find its place in the calendars of visitors to Mikulov.

A very important role is also played by folklore customs presented to school children in the context of the annual Christmas and Easter programmes (winter and spring programmes). The local schools show increasing interest in these programmes, for they always introduce something new, extend the children ´s knowledge of the treasures of folk culture and serve as a natural reminder of our national identity.

Most visitors are attracted by the Christmas programmes held in the Advent period in Mikulov and the surrounding villages. A large part of these programmes takes place in the open air – following ancient traditions. The Pálava O. S. association opens the programme with Advent Concert in Mikulov on the first Advent Sunday, followed with Christmas talk at Bavory, Christmas below the Town Hall and Christmas carol singing in Tanzberg. The most beautiful period of the year culminates with the Advent concert in the context of the Christmas Singing at the Vienna City Hall. Repeated success of our ensembles in front of the packed hall (with the capacity of over 1000 spectators) has been crowned by the Counsellor for Culture of the city of Vienna, Mr. Schuler, who said that he considered participation of our ensembles a nice tradition.
We can only proudly promise that we will continue to honour our town and represent Mikulov at these annual international concerts in future.

The Mikulov ensembles belong to the best ensembles of their kind in the Czech Republic – for the pure tradition they maintain, together with costumes, tunes etc., and for their efforts to bring up young generations in respect for the heritage of our ancestors and enthusiasm to present the heritage to the wide public. Thus the members of the ensembles proudly introduce the heritage of our beautiful country to other nations, not only to our neighbours but also Europe-widely.

Membership in the ensembles teaches children and youth to be responsible, diligent and to respect human relationships such as friendship etc. We try to create conditions for self-fulfilment and creativeness in the field of cultural heritage for all.
We are pleased that despite the high financial and time demand of the families of our members their interest in membership in the ensembles continues, and more and more people fill the auditoriums of our venues, and more and more organizers demand our performances. This is the result of purpose-driven, aware, responsible and selfless work of a huge mass of people – the children and their parents, the young people, the whole families, the managers (and their families).. All of them continue to prove that the cultural life of Mikulov matters to them and that they are prepared to represent it and do their best for the representation to be worth the increasing interest of the public.
Even though members of all ensembles invest all of their love for folk culture and their hard work, their extensive activities cannot be imagined without financial support of the town and the government.

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