Nations of Podyjí

“Today ´s Podyjí region misses most of its traditional population. The places emptied by the displacement have been filled with people from all over the world, some of them settled here for years, others fresh newcomers still. But none of them can claim to be at home here more than others. Either all of them will be at home here, or no one."

"The Podyjí region in general and the town of Mikulov in particular used to be a place of success of many rare groups. We can only hope that the genius loci has survived and that the typical broad-mindedness, tolerance and pleasure of diversity spring from the region itself, that the previous generations did not carry them away with them.”

Sample imageOn the basis of this idea the civic association Nations of Podyjí was founded in 1999 and has succeeded in its efforts since. Since 2000 the association has held the Festival of Cultures of Nations of Podyjí every year, featuring all minority nations of the region and their music, dance, acting and cuisines. The festival opens on Friday with opening a fine art exhibition and festival of folklore ensembles “Neighbours”. On Saturday the Mikulov square is filled with stands presenting ethnic cuisines and all day varied programmes. The programmes feature all sorts of artists, well as well as less known, who originate form Mikulov or have founder their home here. The festival is closed with the Sunday public Permanent Breakfast and music programme Meeting of Cities.

/ This year the national specials presented in the context of the festival included the “highland cabbage soup”, the Slovak dumplings “halušky”, the Vallachian pancakes, the Russian pie "piroh", the Kelč specials, the Vienna steaks and cocktails, the West Slovakian “bean soup”, the Armenian “sashlik”, the Moravian cakes, the Serbian needle “razhnici”, the Hungarian meat rolls, the Italian spaghetti, the Balkan grilled lamb, the Romany “goya”, the Voyvodina “pljeskavica”, the English sandwiches, pastries of various nations of the asylum camp at Zastávka u Brna and of course Czech and Moravian specials. The stages presented the Croatian folklore ensemble Pálavánek, the Jewish dance ensemble Rut, the Romany trio Three Pots, the Bulgarian dance ensemble Pirin, the Romany jazz band Rosen Trio, the Armenian singers Samvel and Stepan Melikjanovs, June Rowen woth world evergreens, the Vienna-Balkan ensemble Bratfisch, the guitar duo The Black & White, the Újezd band with songs of the East, the Romenstudio Mikulov, the ensembles Tiferet and Chinna with Jewish songs, male and female choruses of Březí, Dolní Dunajovice and Pohořelice, musicians of various nations form the asylum camp at Zastávka u Brna and more.

You are warmly welcome!

Přemysl Janýr, Vienna
Deputy president of the Nations of Podyjí association


  • Mgr. Jan Richter – chair of the association
  • Kostelní nám. 4, 692 01 Mikulov
  • Phone: +420 519 510156

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