Romenstudio Mikulov was founded in 2004. One of the aims of the studio was to make Romany children and youth to actively spend their leisure time and to get more involved in the cultural life of the town. Thanks to the support from the town and especially the South Moravia Region spaces together with the necessary technical background were made available.

Sample imageThe rehearsals took place several times a week in the form of club evenings, at which the attendees could show their specific skills or join various games, dances, singing and listening to their favourite music. Everybody was admitted. The regularly attending children soon began to practise dances to popular Romany hits, supported by their parents, friends and schoolmates. When the rehearsing children received recognition or even applause, what else could follow but organisation of the first evening programme featuring the Romany community of Mikulov. The programme MOVIE ON CHRISTMAS DAY (26 December 2004) was attended by nearly three hundred spectators!

The dance ensemble of older girls performed at several major events of the town. The greatest experience certainly was the performance at the popular CUSTOMS BALL in the crowded chateau hall. The competition The Girl of the Year, and the shows Spider ´s Web, Bambiriade and the Mikulov Day of Children featured several age groups of the Romany dancers.

The ROMANY DAY was first publicly celebrated in the Mikulov Square on 15 April 2004, and represented good entertainment for many citizens of and visitors to the town.

The local Romany bands and specials of Romany cuisine are also part of the traditional cultural and gourmet festival Nations of Podyjí, held every summer in the Mikulov square. 

In 2006, for the first time in history, the competition The Girl of the Year was first attended by two Romany girls. One of them, Ema Lacková, received the title of Miss Sympathy and took part in the national competition Miss Roma.

This year ´s International Romany Day included a parade and varied entertainment held for the fellow citizens and tourists in the Church Square.

Members of the Romenstudio ensemble were invited by the Basta Fidli theatre to take part in the theatrical performance Way to the Heaven, successfully performed repeatedly in the Mikulov chateau park and visiting several localities across the region. One of the authors of the music to the performance was Dušan Růžička Jr., chair of Romenstudio.

This year ten Romany girls attended the educational and cultural camp at Strážnice, where, among other things, the girls practised dance for subsequent successful performances at the Svojanov festival on 27 July and the Hodonín festival on 19 July.

The Mikulov Romany bands – Rosen Trio, Three Pots, the Růžička Family, were included in the programmes of the Nations of Podyjí festival, the regular Sunday open air concerts and the traditional Pálava vine harvest.


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