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Associations of Musicians of Mikulov

The members of the Associations of Musicians of Mikulov include music lovers and musicians of Mikulov ensembles MIKULOVANKA, M-KVINTET, KASANICA, HARCOVNÍCI (youth brass band) and the rock group MIKULOV. The purpose of the association is to improve artistic qualities of the town ensembles, to develop local culture and to allow young talented musicians to get involved in the existing ensembles and bands.

KasanicaThe association organises performances of the individual ensembles not only in Mikulov and surroundings, but also across the Czech Republic and abroad: at festivals, competitions, open air and school concerts, variety shows, balls, dances, exhibition openings, celebrations of major social anniversaries (including flourishes) and individual life jubilees. The association also holds annual summer piano courses with international attendance called “Audaces fortuna iuvat“ (www.klavirnikurzymikulov.wz.cz), in cooperation with the Town Culture Centre the June festival of children and youth brass bands “Mikulov Mayor ´s Cup” and a jazz concert commemorating Karel Krautgartner, the native of Mikulov, as well as the festival of brass bands in the context of the Pálava vine harvest called “Golden Grape of South Moravia“. The association helps promote the ensembles by publication of their promotional materials and studio recordings.

Events held by the association

  • Summer holiday piano courses
  • Children brass bands
  • Jazz
  • Golden Grape 


  • Association of Musicians of Mikulov
  • Karol Porubský
  • Náměstí 22, 692 01 Mikulov
  • Phone: +420 607 668 124