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The chorus of the Art Ensemble Virtuosi di Mikulov has built a firm position in the cultural life of Mikulov over the decade of its existence. The ensemble has held regular concerts on the Mothers´ Day and at Christmas. Its members focus on the KAMPANILA festival, featuring special programmes in its context, often in cooperation with other choruses.

The chorus has appeared not only in Mikulov, but also in many of the surrounding towns and especially in Brno. The chorus has been demanded by soloists and young composers whose compositions it has premiered in confrontation with works from the Mikulov music archives. The activities of the chorus are supported by the town of Mikulov and a number of other sponsors.


Sample imageJaroslav Hromada, Martin Otáhal, Miroslav Potůček, Jiří Pospíšil, Josef Švásta, Petr Pekař, Todd Hammond, Vladimír Zháněl, Josef Pouchlý, Jiří Sekereš, Svatopluk Vrbka, Dagmar Valová, Marie Švástová, Zdeňka Šturzová, Dagmar Němcová, Alena Sedláčková, Marie Klaková, Michaela Žižková, Ludmila Dudová, Filip Odrážka, Lucie Chudáčková, Lenka Adamcová, Barbora Hammondová, Anna Bařinová, Vlasta Lásková, Hana Míčková, Ivana Gavendová, Zuzana Pirnerová, Ivana Hejlová, Marie Frýbertová, Dana Šuchová, Maria Janošková, Ludmila Zhánělová, Tatiana Trčálková


The idea to found the chorus originated on 27 January 1996 at the evening party of RAP company at the Rohatý krokodýl hotel.  The original practical joke was soon transformed to a chamber chorus. Since autumn 1996 Virtuosi di Mikulov have rehearsed in the building of the Mikulovském grammar school. Thanks to the welcoming approach of the headmaster they have obtained excellent background not only for rehearsals but also for concerts in St John Baptist ´s Church and the Cloister of the former Piarist College.

Sample imageThe first chair of Virtuosi di Mikulov after the chorus became legal entity in 1998 was Dagmar Valová. In the same year the chorus started with the performance of Ukvaldy Songs by Leoš Janáček. Virtuosi di Mikulov were invited to the programme of the Pálava vine harvest.

In June 1999 the chorus gave first modern performance of Missa in F by Josef F. Blahacek, found in the Mikulov music archives of St. Venceslas´ Chapter and Piarist grammar school. In the same year the first International Chorus Festival Kampanila was held. The final concert featured Te Deum by Antonín Dvořák and consecration of the town banner.

In 2000 the chair Dagmar Němcová organised a tour to Altmittweidy in Germany.

In 2001 Svatopluk Vrbka became chair. The chorus performed in the Piarist church of St. John the Baptist at the gala concert of works from the Mikulov music archives on the occasion of the celebrations of the anniversary of the Mikulov grammar school (founded 1631) and took part in the ceremonial opening of the reconstructed Dietrichstein sepulchre.

The chorus has repeatedly cooperated with the young conductor Jakub Hrůša – the introvert performance under his baton left the audience breathless.

Sample imageIn 2003 Virtuosi di Mikulov toured Northern Italy. The major concert of the tour was held in Vicenze.

In 2004 the chorus focused on preparation of the Kampanila festival, devoted to Czech music. The festival gala featured Te Deum by Antonín Dvořák and Glagolitic Mass by Leoš Janáček.

In autumn 2005 the chorus successfully toured Istria in Croatia (Vrsar). Martin Franze terminated his long-term cooperation with Virtuosi di Mikulov and passed the imaginary baton to the new chorus master Zuzana Pirnerová.


  • The repertory of Virtusi di Mikulov comprises 81 chorus compositions, including 7 masses (Blahack, twice Fauré, Janáček, Lukáš, Ryba, Zrunek) and four large cycles (Anonymous, Dvořák, Janáček and Saint-Saëns)
  • The chorus has had 77 members, the current number is 34 members
  • The chorus has invited to Mikulov – often repeatedly - 31 choruses, 35 solo singers, 30 instrument players, 7 chamber ensembles and orchestras
  • The chorus has held 90 concerts and a number of other casual performances
  • The chorus has toured Germany, Austria, Italy and Croatia
  • Active members since the chorus foundation include Maria Janošková, Alena Sedláčková, Zdeňka Šturzová and Svatopluk Vrbka
  • The performance of Janáček´s Glagolitic Mass in 2004 featured 120 singers and 80 musicians

Chorus masters

  • Petr Špaček, now soloist of Olomouc Opera, first chorus master (1996—1997); voice specialist - concert singer Helena Halířová – Supová.
  • Martin Franze, graduate of Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno, chorus master 1997—2002 and 2003—2005. He implemented a number of demanding projects (Fauré, Janáček, Dvořák), and introduced to Mikulov a number of great music personalities.
  • Ladislav Straka and Hana Matušková were short-term substitutes for Martin Franze.
  • Zuzana Pirnerová, graduate of Ostrava University, student of Janáček Academy, took the chorus over in autumn 2005. She comes from Hradec Králové. Since early childhood she was engaged by her parents in language learning and music. As member of the Jitro chorus she took part in a number of European tours and in 1999 a tour in the U.S.A. In June 2005 she graduated from Pedagogical Faculty of Ostrava University, majoring in music education and chorus mastering and receiving the Master ´s degree. In the course of her studies she was member of the Ostrava University Chorus and the Adash Chorus, the latter focusing in performance of Jewish songs in Hebrew. With the latter chorus she visited the U.S.A. and several European countries. The also cooperated with the Antonín Dvořák Theatre in Ostrava as repetiteur in the opera. Since 2000 she has regularly attended international conductor courses. In 2002 she became student of Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno in Doc. Lubomír Mátl´s class with chorus master specialisation. In the context of her study she has been assistant conductor in projects of the Janáček Academy Chamber Opera. Recently she has begun her orchestra conducting course.
  • In the years 2002–3 she led the Brno Mixed Chorus Lumír. She has been member of the chamber ensemble Musica da Camera Brno and chorus master of Children and Youth Chorus Kantiléna of the State Philharmonic in Brno; in spring 2006 she has contributed to the overall victory of the chorus at the international competition in Belgium.
  • Zuzana Pirnerová has been a highly educated and talented musician aiming at performance of compositions suitable for amateur singers in the top quality possible. 


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