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Mikulov Elementary Art and Music School

The Elementary Art and Music School of Mikulov has been a membership organisation owned by the South Moravia Region. The school provides elementary education in all arts including music, visual arts, dance, literature and drama. In addition to the main centre in Mikulov the school operates branches at Valtice and Dolní Dunajovice.


Sample imageMusic has been the first art taught at the school. Children from very early age can attend rudimentary music theory classes and keyboard, string, wind or folk instrument classes or singing classes. Instrument and singing lessons are individual while music theory is taught in class. The pupils may in addition learn chamber playing, ensemble playing and chamber chorus singing. They can play in the school chamber orchestra, dulcimer band and dance orchestra.

Visual Art

Visual art classes offer education in the basic art techniques, major historic art styles, expression of their feelings and world outlooks. At present the school prepares opening of new subjects based on work with digital technologies. The course portfolio will further be extended with work with digital photographic camera and movie camera, graphic studio, digital recording and sound processing.


Dance classes develop the children ´s mobility, dance skills, sense of rhythm, music imagination, creative and improvisation skills and last but not least their ability of creative cooperation in group.

Literature and Drama

The drama classes introduce the children to the rudiments of drama and drama education, cultivate the culture of spoken word, stage action and movement. The literary synthesis teaches children all kinds of literary art work, including drama, music and fine arts.

Ensembles active in the school in addition to individual teaching:

  • Pupils´ Chamber Orchestra
  • Collegium Magistrorum − chamber orchestra of teachers and advanced pupils of music
  • “Kolík” dulcimer band
  • “Junior band“ popular music ensemble
  • “Harcovníci“ brass band
  • Children chamber chorus 

Teachers of Mikulov Elementary Art and Music School

  • Ing. Jiří Vrbka – headmaster, strings
  • Mgr. Aleš Sobotka – statutory deputy headmaster, guitar
  • Luděk Dwořáček – head of Valtice branch, clarinet, flute, saxophone
  • Dita Bartolšicová – piano, organ, keyboard
  • MgA. Karel Bohůn – flute, recorder, orchestra
  • Helena Břečková – dulcimer, accordion
  • Karel Frantel – fine arts
  • Eva Golová – pianor
  • Veronika Jíchová – violin, recorder, dulcimer music (Valtice branch)
  • MgA. Veronika Kolečkářová – dance
  • Věra Kunovová – violin
  • Gabriela Lahodová – piano, keyboard
  • Karel Martiš – violin
  • Irena Mrázková – violin, dulcimer music
  • Mgr. Václav Peša – singing, chorus singing
  • Barbora Pončíková – clarinet, recorder
  • Karol Porubský – brass, percussion, brass band
  • MgA. Jan Srba – piano, keyboard, repetiteur

Administrative Staff

  • Irma Kellnerová – secretary
  • Božena Vycpálková – economist
  • Petr Hřiba – caretaker and janitor
  • Jiřina Varmužová – cleaning lady
  • Ladislava Bartošová – cleaning lady
  • Eva Krbečková – cleaning lady (Valtice branch)


  • Mikulov Elementary Art and Music School
  • Náměstí 28, 692 01 Mikulov
  • Phone: +420 519 510 764, +420 724 303 833
  • e-mail: zusmikulov@cbox.cz


  • Under the auspices of the town of Mikulov and in cooperation with the Mikulov Culture Centre the festival and competition of children dulcimer bands was held on 12 November 2006. The festival was called “Memory of Josef Košulič“.
  • The festival was attended by dulcimer bands of the elementary art and music schools of Kyjov, Mikulov, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Dubňany and Znojmo.
  • The travelling cup for the winner was granted to the Mikulov Art and Music School dulcimer band, together with the prize for the best artistic leader, received by Daniel Rapant.

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