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Festivals, Symposia and Major Cultural Events

Concentus Moraviae

The International Music Festival of 13 Towns CONCENTUS MORAVIAE will enter its 13th year in 2008. For the regions of South Moravia and Vysočina the festival has been a unique musical event. The festival has been held under the auspices of the governors of both regions and the mayors of the festival venues.

International Guitar Festival

The International Guitar Festival in Mikulov, held by the civic association Guitar Festival in Mikulov in cooperation with the Regional Museum of Mikulov, today belongs to the major European festival for concert guitar. 


Like the mighty voice of the Holy Hill chapel spreading around the region fills the ears of all within the right distance, the magic scenery of Mikulov together with its history, position, wine and people fills the hearts of all visitors. What campanile is for the noble sound of the bell - surety, protection and testimony of the time – that Mikulov is for us and we all feel it from the bottom of our hearts. Mikulov has been inspiration, home, story teller, great helper on the way from the past to the future. (Martin Mysliveček)


Czech – Slovak – Austrian music festival, 10th year, Motto: Borders exist only in people ´s minds (Thor Heyerdahl, 1914-2002)

Workshop Symposium

The tradition of the Mikulov Fine Art Symposium was established in 1994. The beginning was quite modest. The idea was born in a “warm evening in the head of the sculptor Nikos Artmutidis over a glass of wine“ (as the legend on the origin of the symposium has it).

Pálava Vine Harvest

The town of Mikulov, an ancient town with a lot of historic sights, is situated in a unique region of beauties of nature, fairy-tale chateaux and ancient castles, excellent wine and hospitable people rightly called the Garden of Europe. There is no other place in the world with two major reserves of the World Cultural and Nature Heritage of UNESCO.

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