Czech – Slovak – Austrian music festival, 10th year, Motto: Borders exist only in people ´s minds (Thor Heyerdahl, 1914-2002)


Sample imageJan Budař and Eliščin Band, Budoár staré dámy, Boo M.Wanek (UJD) & P. Fajt - Máj), Psí vojáci, Zuby Nehty, OTK, Vladimír Václavek & Miloš Dvořáček, Rudovous, Burana Orffchester, Voices (Zbrožek, Honzák, Milcová, Binder) and many more.

No borders – Music without Frontiers – expresses efforts of artists and viewers from these countries to meet and establish a tradition of meetings in the context of joint event. This word, in the geographical as well as n the cultural sense, gains increasing importance in Europe. In addition, in the new age of communication, we are all linked not only with the common historical awareness and present, but also with modern communication phenomena, such as the Internet, where festival information can be found in all Central European languages. The expressions “connection” or “free movement” have acquired a new meaning, because the organisers have made efforts to provide for wheelchair access to the festival and free tenting in the venue. We also organise annual anti-addictive prevention and education – the prevention and information tent of the Drop In foundation is present at the festival every year.

The festival has been extensively visited by young people from the surrounding countries, recent years were even visited by people from all over Europe. Secondary school students of the region have been involved in organisational work, which further underlines the international nature of the event and of the related cooperation.


Eurotrialog has attracted viewers´ attention with the absolutely cheapest tickets of all summer events of its kind. 

Assumed admission CZK 250 to 350.


Jindřišská 5, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic tel. 420-608231568, 420-22240932 fax 420-22247473
www.rock-jazz.cz, www.eurotrialog.cz, www.musicfest.cz, www.wonderfest.cz, www.weekend.cz, www.sletbubeniku.cz

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