Like the mighty voice of the Holy Hill chapel spreading around the region fills the ears of all within the right distance, the magic scenery of Mikulov together with its history, position, wine and people fills the hearts of all visitors. What campanile is for the noble sound of the bell - surety, protection and testimony of the time – that Mikulov is for us and we all feel it from the bottom of our hearts. Mikulov has been inspiration, home, story teller, great helper on the way from the past to the future. (Martin Mysliveček)

Sample imageThe International Chorus Festival Kampanila has entered its 8th year. The organisers include the main organiser, the artistic association Virtuosi di Mikulov, and the co-organisers, the Regional Museum, the Collegiate Chapter of St. Venceslas, the Grammar school, the Secondary apprentice school, the Culture Centre and the Tourist Information Centre in Mikulov.

The final Te Deum closing the festival always falls on Sunday afternoon – the day of the pilgrimage to the Black Loretan Madonna (i.e. the first Sunday in September). The pilgrimage has been held in Mikulov since 1623.

In the past years the festival has brought to Mikulov a number of top-standard music ensembles – including the Bratislava chorus Cantus with chorus master Blanka Juhaňáková, the female chorus Charmone of Prague, the Societas Incognitorum with artistic director Eduard Tomaštík, or the Musica da Camera Brno, the Austrian Grenzlandchor Hohenau or the Swedish male chorus Timrå Manskör (or Timraa Manskör). Extraordinary experiences certainly include the performance of the Moravian Teachers´ Chorus conducted by chorus master Lubomír Mátl and the Gaudeamus Brno with chorus master Štěpán Policer. And last but not least there were the vocal ensembles Q-VOX or AFETTO, as well as a number of smaller choruses – of Valtice, Altmittweid (Germany), Moravský Krumlov, Poysdorf or Falkenstein in Austria), who all contributed to the unique atmosphere of the festival. An exceptional achievement was last year ´s performance by the English chorus London Madrigalists. The festival has featured a number of first performances of contemporary Brno composers, the young conductor Jakub Hrůša, and the festival presidents have included personalities such as the excellent chorus master of European standards Lubomír Mátl, or the world famous conductor Otakar Trhlík or the composer Arnošt Parsch.

Sample image The largest festival achievements include the year 2004, featuring Antonín Dvořák´s Te Deum and Glagolitic Mass by Leoš Janáček. These monumental works were performed by combined choruses B.A.S., Gaudeamus Brno and Virtuosi di Mikulov and the symphony orchestra of Brno Conservatory conducted by Aleš Podařil (Dvořák) and Lubomír Mátl (Janáček). The performance involved 80 instrument players and 120 singers, with the soloists Tereza Mátlová, Iveta Jiříková, Anna Barová, Pavel Černoch, Seung Yong Oh (Korea) and Martin Jakubíček – organ.

This year ´s 8th festival offers four concerts (see the attached invitation). The programme will include the first separate concert of Musica da Camera Brno under Martin Franze and the Mikulov guitarist Martin Mysliveček, foreign guest Spevokol Zoltána Kodálya Galanta and two young East Bohemian choruses visiting Mikulov for the first time (Jitro Hradec Králové and Bonifantes Pardubice). The gemstone of the programme will again be the Moravian Teachers Chorus. The final gala will feature Virtuosi di Mikulov and their performance of Te Deum by W. A. Mozart and the Moravian Teachers Chorus performing chorus works by J. B. Foerster.

The Kampanila festival has become an integral part of Mikulov cultural life and has attracted attention of vocal music lovers from wide surroundings, sponsorship of the town of Mikulov, the South Moravia Region and other sponsors. Mikulov has again after several centuries become a centre of music life at the southernmost edge of Moravia, crossing the frontier with its influence.


  • Virtuosi di Mikulov
  • Mgr. Svatopluk Vrbka, předseda
  • ul. 22. dubna 29, 692 01 Mikulov
  • e-mail: vrbkovi@quick.cz
  • tel.: +420 519 510 559, +420 728 381 428

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