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Boat transport

In the southernmost corner of our country, in a hollow between the Dyje and the Morava rivers, lies a piece of land in the shape of a vine leaf. It offers all you have not yet seen and would like to see, everything you have not experienced and would like to experience...

We would like to invite you not only on a cruise through the romantic country of the vine leaf, but also on a voyage of discovery through the magical world of riparian woodlands with a large number of castles and manors. Discover with us the perfect blend of past and present. Boat transport Breclav

Sample imageBoat transport Breclav offers cruises by licenced boat transport for wide public. In Mikulov region floats on two cruises (cruise 1 and cruise 4).


Nové Mlýny dam – reservoir Mušovská
Merkur camp - Pasohlávky - Brod nad Dyjí

Cruise description:

The boat ride takes place on the Mušovská reservoir, which is the upper part of the Nové Mlýny dam. It is the first of a cascade of lakes, which is located beyond the northern edge of the Pálava national reservation. It was built in 1979 and it spans an area of 528 hectares with a maximum depth of 4 meters. All three reservoirs were built on the Dyje between 1975 and 1989 and span a total of 3 226 hectares. They were constructed not only as a protection against floods, as well as to provide fish stocks, but also for recreation and water activities. From the boat you can see the Pálava hills. The Pálava national park, which spans an area almost 89 square kilometers, was founded in 1976. Since 1986 The Pálava National Park has belonged to the UNESCO international network of biosphere reserves. The most important world ecosystem is located in the warmest and nigh on driest area of the Czech Republic.

CRUISE 2 and CRUISE 3 take place from Breclav city to Jan´s castle and to Pohansko. Descriptions of these cruises can be founded on web pages.


Nové Mlýny dam – reservoir Novomlýnská
Camp Mars in Šakvice - camp Langr in Dolní Věstonice

Cruise description:

A cruise of the lower Novomlýnská reservoir, the third and the largest lake, spanning an area of 1668 hectares with a maximum depth of 7.8 m. All three reservoirs are important wintering grounds for northern European geese. In winter it is possible to see these geese in numbers exceeding 30.000. The lakes are also an important breeding ground for seagulls. In addition, several types of plovers and white or red heron have been spotted there. It is said that the Nové Mlýny dam can be seen from space. The lovely region of Pálava not only has outstanding conditions for grapevines, but also for many other plants which can not be found elsewhere in the Czech Republic. A karst forest steppe on the Děvín slopes offers a mosaic of arid rock grass, fringe
communities, thermophilous bushes and thermophilous oakwoods. On the north face of Děvín hill there are sparse loess oakwoods together with a species-rich herbaceous layer, which are in the valley substituted with Panonian oak-hornbean.

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