Current trends include healthy lifestyle and development of cycling is closely related to that. The modern man does no longer want to be passive consumer of comfortable car drives and organised holiday packages, on the contrary longing to be active and independent.

Mikulov and the whole region is an attractive cycling venue. The landscape around Mikulov and the Pálava hills is interwoven with a network of well marked cycling paths including several long-distance and international routes. You can therefore set off for a cycling trip without worrying about losing the way and can plan your route on the basis of your fitness and interests. The offer is wide - whether to get to know the beautiful nature and landscape, architectural and other monuments, or whether to learn about the specifics of the country you are passing by.

The routes are often situated in the most beautiful and bet preserved parts of this area, where there are no bury roads and you can therefore enjoy the comfort of close contact with the beautiful nature. The cycling paths, however, do not cross the nature reserves and therefore it is necessary to observe the no entry signs found on the information notice boards. The cycling paths are connected to the long-distance routes and therefore the visit to Mikulov and its surroundings can be combined with a trip to the border areas of the neighbouring Austria. There are primarily cycling frontier crossings at Nový Přerov-Alt Prerau, Mikulov-Ottenthal or Valtice-Schrattenberg.

Further information:


Cycling circuit Stará hora

The route with the total length of 37 km will lead you through vineyards below the Pálava and the picturesque landscape of the Mikulov region. The route is easy and ideal for a trip with children. You will need sufficient time to cover it all and therefore it is recommended to plan the route as a day trip.


Liechtenstein Paths

Visit the whole route across the Lednice-Valtice area in the total length of 103 km (Princely Path, Břeclavsko Path, Poštorenská path, Lednická path, Valtická path) or the route across Lower Austria in the length of 70 km (Liechtenstein Path, Greenways Prague – Wien route).


Mikulov Wine Path

The easy route about 82 km long, representing beauties and interest points of the Mikulov Wine Region, uses former military signal paths and 3rd class roads.


Moravian Wine Path

The Moravian Vine Path is the trunk route of a unique network of regional cycling paths through the picturesque landscape of South-Eastern Moravia. The route begins in Znojmo, passes through Mikulov, Hustopeče, Velké Pavlovice, Mutěnice, Bzenec and ends in Uherské Hradiště.


Cycling route around ATC Merkur

A popular local easy route along pervious and impervious paths. There is a small or a large circuit to choose from. The small circuit is 16 km long (red tourist marks) and its main attraction is the central Novomlýnská water reservoir. The large circuit is 27,5 km long (green tourist marks) and passes along both reservoirs, the upper and the central one.