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Cycling route around ATC Merkur

A popular local easy route along pervious and impervious paths. There is a small or a large circuit to choose from. The small circuit is 16 km long (red tourist marks) and its main attraction is the central Novomlýnská water reservoir. The large circuit is 27,5 km long (green tourist marks) and passes along both reservoirs, the upper and the central one.

  • Route 1 (small circuit): ATC Merkur, Upper reservoir (Mušov) • Middle reservoir (Věstonice) • Betlém - nature site • Dolní Mušov alluvial plain • bridge over the Jihlava river • bridge over the Svratka river • IT Věstonice reservoir • dike of the Strachotín fishpond • dike between the middle and lower reservoirs (Nové Mlýny) • Dolní Věstonice • Na Pískách • IT Věstonice reservoir • Pohořelice fisheries • route divides - small circuit continues straight along highway E 461 over the dike between the Upper and Middle reservoirs • after 3 km the route reaches point ATC Merkur
  • Route length: 16 km
  • Route 2 (large circuit): large circuit continues to the left over the Dunajovice creek (bridge over the Dunajovice creek) • small bridge over next creek • irrigation pumping station • Brod nad Dyjí • Pasohlávky • Tourist information center Pasohlávky • highway E 461 • ATC Merkur
  • Route length: 27,5 km

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