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There are not many other natural regions offering so many possibilities for nature sports as Mikulov and its surroundings. The relief of the landscape is dominated by the Mikulov Hills with the limestone range of the Pálava Hills and the Milovice Forestland.

Especially the rocky Pálava attracts visitors and tourists with the abundance of Karst phenomena, and varied flora and fauna. Along the southern edge of the town there is the wide valley of the Včelínek stream, the largest right tributary to the Dyje. Another attraction is the connection to the Lednice-Valtice area and the Austrian part of the Pálava Hills.

The natural and landscape values of the Mikulov region is enhanced by the local climate, with the mildest winter and the highest number of sunny days of all regions of the Czech Republic. This makes it possible to spend free days and holidays in Mikulov and its natural surroundings all year round.

Kozí Hrádek (Goat Tower)

Kozí Hrádek (Goat Tower)

Kozí hrádek is one of the three rocky dominants of the Mikulov skyline. Following the recent landscaping the locality has become a suitable freely accessible recreational centre.

Svatý kopeček (Holy Hill)

Svatý kopeček is another significant natural dominant of Mikulov. For the extensive occurrence of rare plant and animal species the territory has been announced nature reserve. The top of Svatý kopeček is dominated with St. Sebastian pilgrimage chapel, a belfry and other sacral objects of the Way of the Cross.

Na Turoldu Cave

Na Turoldu Cave

Na Turoldu Cave is the largest and the most important cave of the Pálava Hills. The length of all corridors, halls and domes exceeds 1 km. The cave is distinguished with its “Turold-style” decorations and with the largest winter refuge for bats.

Pálava Nature Reserve

The wide surroundings of the town are included in the Pálava Nature Reserve. The reserve consists of the landscape complex of the Pálava Hills and the Dyje river valley, protected since 1976 and entered in the list of biosphere reserves of UNESCO in 1986. Since 2003 Pálava has been part of the extended biosphere reserve of Lower Moravia, also including the Lednice-Valtice area and the river forests at the confluence of the Morava and the Dyje.

Nature Reserves

The Pálava Protected Nature Reserve includes four national nature reserves (Děvín-Kotel-Soutěska, Křivé lake, Slanisko by Nesyt and Tabulová hill, Růžový hill and Kočičí stone), five nature reserves (Liščí hill, Milovická slope, Svatý kopeček, Šibeničník and Turold), one national natural monument (Calendar of Ages) and four nature monuments (Kočičí rock, Kienberg, Růžový hill and Anenský hill).

Educational Tourist Paths

Educational Tourist Paths

A number of educational trails will lead you around areas of natural beauty and interesting monuments in the Mikulov area: Viticulture Paths, Path across the Jewish Quarter, Děvín educational tourist path, The Turold Educational Tourist Path.

Tips for Trips

A number of excursion tips have been prepared for you: A Walk Around Mikulov, Tourist trip around the Pálava Nature Reserve, Family trips, A wander through the Lednice–Valtice area and Trips to the neighbors.