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Educationnal Trail at Mikulov Holy Hill

The project Revitalisation and utilisation of the cultural and historie landscape at Mikulov Holy Hill involved the revitalisation of two outstanding Baroque cultural onuments: St. Sebastiani Chapel, with its BellTower, and the staircase to the Chapel of the Holy Sepulchre. In addition, the project included the establishment ofthe Mikulov Holy Hill Educational Trail.

The Mikulov Holy Hill EducationalTrail consistsof 11 informational panels. Thetrail can be reached from four different access points with orientation panels. The 7 remaining panels introduce the unique flora and fauna of the Nature Reserve as well as the history of the Way of the Cross on the Holy Hill. Each panel includes a map of the educational trail, and the whole trail is signposted for better navigation. There are a total of 20 rest areas with benches along the trail. The educational trail also takes you to a lookout point above the quarry, which commands a truly splendid view of the depleted quarry, the Děvičky castle ruins and Table Mountain. The whole educational trail is a follow-up to the existing trail, “Following in the Footsteps of the Anabaptists”. This makes the retům to the town easy.

TIP: If you are a nature lover, we can offer you a relaxation trail. This will take you around the north-western foot of the Holy Hill backto the Way of the Cross. The trail is not difficult, without any major height differences, and its nearly full length is shaded by trees.