Děvín educational tourist path

Covers 11 km of a foot path. The whole tour takes about 4–6 hours. The Děvín tourist path is accessible all year round and its marks are parallel to the marker tourist path. The path includes 15 information notice boards and 3 tourist maps (at the crossings by the Soutěska (The Gorge) resting place, in the upper part of the Soutěska and in the saddle below the Děvičky castle).

Sample imageThe path consists of three interconnected tracks with several detours to the notice boards located off the main track. The notice boards need not be read in the order as they are numbered. However, it is recommended to start the tour by the spring in the Soutěska (notice board no 1). The notice boards inform about nature and landscape protection, the flora and fauna of thermophillic oak woods, rock steppes, oak and hornbeam woods of the north-eastern slopes, land waste forests, rocks and rocky slopes, and meadow steppes.

One of the notice boards informs about the history of the Děvičky castle and the local settlement, including geological and geo-morphological structure of the Pálava hills or description of invasive plant species introduced to the local nature. Environmental issues and anthropological effects on the nature and landscape are dealt with under the titles History and Present of Forest Management, Pastures and their Maintenance, Forestry in Nature Reserve and Water Management below the Pálava.