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Svatý kopeček (Holy Hill)

Svatý kopeček is another significant natural dominant of Mikulov. For the extensive occurrence of rare plant and animal species the territory has been announced nature reserve. The top of Svatý kopeček is dominated with St. Sebastian pilgrimage chapel, a belfry and other sacral objects of the Way of the Cross.

Sample imageSvatý kopeček (363 m above sea level) is part of the Pálava Hills. The cliffs of Jurassic limestone form an oval range with flat tops and steep slopes. On Svatý kopeček there are many protected plant species. That is why in as early as in 1946 the hill was announced botanical reserve and has been a natural reserve since 1992. The original plant species have survived in the steppe society on the top of Svatý kopeček. On the southern slopes you can find the varied species of rocky steppe (low iris, Ivan ´s feather grass, mountain germander). Unique botanical features of the area include occurrence of several species of parasitic plants. The eastern slopes are covered with bushes dominated with hawthorn. The northern slopes were covered with forest in the past. The steppes are home of thermophillic insects. The most popular vertebrae of Svatý kopeček include eagle owl nesting in the wall of the abandoned quarry.

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