Horse riding is an ideal combination of relaxation, relationship to animals and sport. A horse ride across the landscape means an unforgettable experience for man detached from nature. There are several options in Mikulov and its surrounding.

The Mikulov Riding Club

Sample imageThe Mikulov Riding Club has prepared one-day horse rides as well as holidays under the tent. People interested in more intense training will certainly appreciate refreshments or overnight stays in the pension on the premises. Experienced riders can make use of several-day horse mounted trips. Increasing popularity is also enjoyed by hippo-therapy, part of some recovery programmes.



Jáňa´s Yard

Sample imageJáňa´s Yard is an old agricultural settlement in the peaceful border village of Nový Přerov. The visitors can enjoy special horse-mounted programmes (such as Viticulture Wandering, Visit to Neighbours, Water-Born Route etc.), but also buggy rides. In addition to the rides you can eat in the local pub or wine cellar or spend a night in the pension. Cyclists can use the cycling camp and the bike rent.



Hippoclub Lednice

Hippoclub Lednice also offers horse rides, including basic training, horse rent or relaxation weekly stays. Children will appreciate pony rides on the premises of the Hippoclub and outside.