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Introduction of the Region

The Town of Mikulov is a town reserve with a Baroque castle, a Renaissance square and with an ancient Jewish District. The extraordinary natural, historical as well as architectonic monuments in combination with the favourable warm climate of a vintners’ region create a very pleasant southern atmosphere which you may know from seaside resorts of South Europe.


Sample imageThe Baroque castle is a natural dominant feature of the town, it houses the Mikulov Regional Museum and you can fi nd several permanent exhibitions there: Wine and Viticulture, with a unique giant butt and wooden log presses and butts in the castle cellars, where you can have a guided degustation of local wines during your event. The Dietrichstein Gallery informs you about the history of an aristocratic house having an essential historical signifi - cance both for the castle and for the Town of Mikulov. A highlight of this exhibition is the funeral dress of Countess Margaret preserved, which can be considered a real wonder, in absolutely intact condition. The exhibition called “From Gothic to Empire” presents the evolution of the lifestyle from the Gothic period till the beginning of the 19th century. The exhibition called “The Romans and Germans in the region under Palava” shows you, with the help of archaeological fi ndings, the way of life in Moravia within the fi rst centuries of our era. The Castle Library belongs among the most signifi cant preserved wholes in Mikulov Castle. In the gallery exhibition “The Harvest” you can see a unique collection of works of contemporary modern art, created during the Mikulov art and sculpture symposium called “The Workshop”. The Castle Park with botanical gardens invites you to have a nice walk and a good rest.

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Historical Centre of the Town

Sample imageSince the year 1957, the medieval core of the town has been a town reserve. The dominant feature of the square is the Dietrichstein Tomb with a grandiose Baroque front. The Renaissance grafi tto Knights’ House cannot be omitted either, along with the canons’ houses, the fountain with the statue of the Goddess Pomona, the Baroque column with the sculptural group of the Holy Trinity and St. Wenceslas’ Church with an accessible ossuary or the group of buildings of a Piarist grammar school with the adjacent St. John the Baptist’s Church. Modern architecture is represented by the new building closing the south-western part of the square.

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Jewish District

Sample imageThe one kilometre long instructional path through the Jewish District guides you through the former Jewish ghetto. Thirteen Jewish houses are marked and described there, and you can also visit the Synagogue built in the 16th century. In the Synagogue you can fi nd an exhibition dedicated to the Moravian Jews. In the Jewish Cemetery, belonging among the largest and most signifi cant in the Czech Republic, four thousand tombstones have been preserved.

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Svatý kopeček (Holy Hill)

Sample imageThe natural dominant feature represented by Holy Hill is, besides a signifi cant nature reserve, also a signifi cant place of pilgrimage with a Way of the Cross with fourteen chapels, with St. Sebastian’s Church and with a belfry at the top. Holy Hill attracts people out for pleasant walks and offers a wonderful view of the whole town.

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Kozí hrádek (Goat Tower)

Sample imageIn the 15th century, at the top of Goat’s Hill there was a two-storied artillery citadel built with a gallery and loopholes. After adaptations implemented not long ago, the grounds of the Goat’s Castle is a lovely place with free admission where you can cherish special restful moments.

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Na Turoldu Cave

Sample imageTurold is a limestone hill situated on the northern border of the town which is famous, fi rst of all, for a system of caves accessible to the general public as well. At the bottom of a former quarry inside the hill there are an instructional path telling you a lot of interesting pieces of information about the local nature reserve and a geological exhibition. 

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Tradition of Viniculture in Mikulov

Sample imageTradition of Viniculture in Mikulov Mikulov has been a signifi cant centre of Moravian viniculture for a few centuries. There is an instructional path called “Mikulov” to inform you about traditions as well as about modern procedures and techniques applied in terms of cultivation of vines and in terms of production of wine. The route of the instructional path starts in Mikulov and takes visitors around the nature reserve called Palava. As for wine, you can encounter it in Mikulov at almost every step, visiting any of the local vinotheques, wine bars or wine cellars. The visit and the program in a wine cellar are provided for by the employees of the Mikulov Tourist Information Centre. The most signifi cant vintners’ event is the September Vintage celebrated by the whole town. In the course of every year there are wine degustations, exhibitions and competitions held there.

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Active Relaxation

Sample imageLovers of hiking and biking are offered a dense network of routes in Mikulov and in its surroundings. You can choose from a lot of variants there – a tour of vineyards, romantic rides in the area of Lednice – Valtice or more demanding trips around Palava. In the summer season in Pavlov, on the Novomlynske Lakes you can do yachting and surfi ng and in the area of Pasohlavky you can take boat trips with an instructional program about the nature under Palava. In Mikulov you can use the services of a local horse riding club and cherish wonderful horse rides or you can use off-road four-wheelers. In Perna you can take part in a fl ight by hot-air balloon. Sports grounds – tennis courts, a football pitch, a bowling centre or a roofed sports hall represent suitable alternatives for active sportsmen and teambuilding events. People interested in both motor fl ying and gliding can choose from the offer of the Breclav Aeroclub.

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