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Model programs of conferences and social events

For easier orientation in the offer and for a better idea about the possibilities of supplementary programs during your conferences we have prepared model examples of programs of conferences and social events in Mikulov.

We do believe that they can be a good aid in relation to the possible preparation of a real future congress in Mikulov. The below-mentioned accompanying programs will be provided for by the Tourist Information Centre in Mikulov.

A Social Event in Mikulov Castle for 50–100 Participants

Mikulov Castle is an ideal luxury and presentable environment for a corporate social event of the year. The castle halls, terraces and gardens can be easily changed into social premises offering extraordinary and unforgettable experiences. Guests arriving in carriages, liveried staff, historical tableaux vivants, knights’ tournaments and, moreover, excellent Mikulov wine and Moravian specialities prepared by the best cooks. The participants in your event will surely remember everything with pleasure and for a long time.

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  • 3.00–4.00 p.m. Arrival and accommodation of participants
  • 4.30–7.30 p.m. A visit to Mikulov Castle with tableaux vivant – a walk through the city and through the kastle premises with a composed program: tableaux vivants, a lively dance, attractive fencing poses to a dancing rhythm, duel shows. The route: the historical square, the Castle Park, a walk through the castle with the tableaux vivants (upon the entry in the castle – the castle guard, two fencing shows), the termination of the visit and transfer into the Salla Terrena (upon the entry in the Salla Terrena the castle guard again), a festive supper with period music
  • 7.30–8.00 p.m. Presentation of fl owers (women) and bottles of wine (men) at the entry, a welcome
  • 8.00–8.20 p.m. The opening, a welcome drink
  • 8.20–8.30 p.m. A dancing performance – Latin American dance show
  • 8.30–9.00 p.m. Start of the musical performance – dancing
  • 9.00–9.30 p.m. Refreshments (a buffet in the castle restaurant)
  • 9.30–10.00 p.m. A musical performance – dancing
  • 10.00–10.30 p.m. A fashion show
  • 10.30–11.00 p.m. A musical performance – dancing
  • 11.00–11.30 p.m. A dancing performance – modern dances
  • 11.30 p.m.–24.00 a.m. A musical performance – dancing
  • 24.00–0.20 a.m. A surprise – fi reworks
  • 0.20–2.00 a.m. A musical performance – dancing