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Historic Square

The natural centre of the town acquired its present appearance in the last decades of 16th century when the square was transferred to the close proximity of the chateau entrance. In the course of the former half of 17th century a number of renaissance houses were built there, most of them preserved nearly unchanged till the present day.

The most important of them include the “U Rytířů” [Knights´] house with graffiti decorations and the so called canons´ house. The square is dominated with a fountain and the Pomona statue with the horn of plenty dating from early 18th century and the monumental Baroque Holy Trinity Statue of 1723-1724. The historic centre of the town has been urban reserve.

Graffiti House U Rytířů [Knights´]

The most attractive house in the square is the corner house (no 11) dating from before 1591, with the four-sided corner alcove. Up to the first floor (the second floor was only built in the latter half of 19th century) the house is decorated with renaissance graffiti with biblical and antiquity scenes dating from the first quarter of 17th century. Another remarkable feature of the house is the arcade gallery in the yard.


Around 1700 the upper part of the square was equipped with a fountain in the shape of a polygonal stone tank with prismatic pillar and gargoyles in the middle. The fountain was the source of water for the inhabitants of the inner town. The pillar holds an allegoric statue of Pomona with the horn of plenty and the shield with the Dietrichstein family coat of arms.

Holy Trinity Statue

VThe bottom part of the square is dominated with the monumental Baroque column of Holy Trinity dating from the period 1723-1724, sometimes also called Plague Column. Prince Walter Xavier of Dietrichstein had the column made by stonecutter Andreas Steinböck on the basis of graphic design by A. J. Prenner. The statues (St. John of Nepomuk, St. František Xaverský and St. Karel Boromejský) are the work of Ignác Lengelacher. The monument erected over a hexagonal base with several steps with a triad of Tuscan pillars is crowned with a trihedral pyramid with the symbol of Holy Spirit standing on the heaven sphere with clouds and little angels and with the statues of God the Father and God the Son Jesus Christ. The column was repaired in the years 1897 and further in 1997-1998.

Canons´ Houses

In the opposite corner of the square (house no 4) František of Dietrichstein had a single-storey house built on several present plots for the canons of the Mikulov chapter founded in 1625. While the exterior of the house keeps its original renaissance appearance with fronts decorated with rustic graffiti, the interior was damaged by the destructive fire in 1784, when the house was burnt and subsequently completely reconstructed.