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Points of Interest

Honorary Yard

The Honorary Yard on the lowest level of the chateau was built in the course of the chateau reconstruction after the destructive fire in 1719. The sculptures decorating the Yard were made by Ignác Lengelacher, the author of the two-wing forged gate to the chateau garden was artistic locksmith Heinrich Gottfried Forster. The Honorary Yard, the important space of all modern noble houses, was directly connected to the entrance space on the way to the chateau, represented by the square with its imposing architecture, the town hall and St. Anne ´s Church.

Entrance to Chateau Cellar

By the entrance to the chateau near the Smoking Tower a theatre was built by the wall of the first eternal yard and a high cellar. The theatre was first mentioned in written materials in 1640. This is the location of the giant tithe wine barrel for 1010.18 hl made by the Brno barrel maker Kryštof Špecht since 1643.

Chateau Library

The present chateau library originally housed a theatre hall constructed by František of Dietrichstein and first mentioned in writing in 1640. The cardinal ´s large library was originally in another place and most of the books became prey of Swedish soldiers who conquered the town and the chateau in 1645 and moved the library to Sweden in 48 barrels. The present library, consisting of around 11,000 volumes, was built by the subsequent Dietrichstein generations and other friendly noble families. A large part of the books come from the former Piarist grammar school.

Blade Tower

The blade tower was built in the northern front in the period of the extensive reconstruction of the castle before the end of 13th century made by the Liechtenstein family. Blades were constructed with attack towers that might be bombarded from one side only. The blade was constructed in the assumed firing direction. Similar towers can be found at Bítov or Svojanov castles, or at Zvíkov and in Strakonice in Bohemia.

Main Tower

The slim tower on the rock between the first and the second yard has been one of the oldest constructions on the castle hill. Before 1380 the Liechtenstein family had the Virgin Mary and St. John the Evangelist Church built. In the course of the chateau reconstruction the tower was provided with a slim pyramidal roof. After the fire in 1945 the pyramid was replaced with the present Baroque dome.