Mikulov Charnel House

Exposition on the history of the Church of St. Wenceslas and its ossuary

When St. Wenceslas´ Church was built in early 15th century, the position of the choir in the slope was levelled by establishment of several crypts. The most significant of them is the Lobkowitz shrine with the remains of Markéta Františka, born Dietrichstein (1600-1617), and her husband Václav Vilém Popel of Lobkowitz (1592-1621).

Around 1870 King Josef II ordered liquidation of cemeteries surrounding churches in the middle of towns. At that time the other skeleton remains from the cemetery surrounding St. Wenceslas´ church were inhumed there. This is how the monumental wall laid with bones came into existence. The mere front section of the charnel house holds skeletons of more than 2,000 people.

Members of the civic association called Friends of Mikulov Town built an exhibition in the charnel house in 2003. The exhibition introduces to the visitors the history of the church and includes a visit to the Lobkowitz shrine.


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