Drasenhofen is a border town in the state of Lower Austria, Mistelbach District, and it also includes the communes of Kleinschweinbarth, Stützenhofen and Steinebrunn, the latter with a chateau Fünfkirchen, built in 1602. The present-day late Renaissance chateau is a four-winged, almost square-shaped building with four towers on the corner. Since 1972 the chateau has been in the ownership of the Fuhrmann family.

The life in the locality was significantly influenced by the so-called Vienna Road, connecting Vienna and Brno, which led through Drasenhofen. The great era of the road, also known as Imperial Road (Kaiserstrasse), was brought to an end in the mid-19th
century, when the old roads began to be replaced by the railway. Afterwards the former Imperial Road in Drasenhofen was changed into a ”wine cellar alley” (Kellergasse). Drasenhofen offers quite a few opportunities for hiking, as it is part of the Way of St James in Weinviertel area.

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“Traktorium” – a tractor yard Its collection of tractors is definitely worth seeing. It is complemented by motorcycles, scooters, bicycles and various farm equipment. Guided tours are provided on request, pleasure rides to view the surroundings are available.

Kreuzberg hill overlooking Mikulov

A popular tourist destination is the hill Kreuzberg with the Südmährerkreuz (Southern Moravia Cross) at the top. From there you can enjoy the beautiful views of Mikulov.