Sedlec near Mikulov

Situated about 2 km from there is the village of Sedlec u Mikulova. The settlement of Sedlec was first mentioned in the records from 1305. Sedlec lies in the area that was always at the centre of political and cultural events, which gave rise to constant conflicts and looting in war times. The history of Sedlec u Mikulova is connected with the owners of the Mikulov estate, the Liechtensteins and the Dietrichsteins, but also with the family holding the neighbouring estate Steinebrunn – the Fünfkirchens.

Website of the municipality of Sedlec u Mikulova

St. Vitus Church

The original church, burnt down during the Hussite campaign through southern Moravia in 1424, was later repaired and around the mid-16th century rebuilt in the late Gothic style. In 1620 the church was devastated again by the Hungarian army lead by Bethlen Gabor. The church was then rebuilt in the Baroque style and in 1672 newly dedicated to St. Vitus.

Statues of John of Nepomuk

The initial intent probably was that two statues of St. John of Nepomuk should protect the village from the eastern and western sides. One stands on the side of the road from Sedlec to the Portz Mill and the other one in front of the church.

Sulphur Baths

Sulphur Baths - their history dates back to the year 1362. Sulphurous mineral waters treated various ailments, among them rheumatism or dermatological and neuralgia related problems. The period of prosperity was ushered in by Ferdinand Dietrichstein in 1669, when he built the first bath building here, and further developed by Karel Maxmilián Dietrichstein (1782), who built a modern spa complex in the Baroque style at the site. Shortly after the Second World War the spa was closed down.