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World of picturesque cellar lanes

On your trips in and around Laa, visit picturesque wine cellars and let yourself be enchanted by the unique atmosphere and rich culinary offer. Tours, rides on an ancient tractor, festivals, Advent markets, open wine cellars – all waiting for you to discover.

Whether you visit a hillock with the "Golingbir" cellars in Wildendürnbach, "Loamgrui" cellar village in Unterstinkenbrunn or a cellar lane in Falkenstein, these and other destinations are easily accessible on a bicycle and they are ideal for one-day family trips.

Discover the world of cellar lanes in and around Laa

Guided tours are in German language.

Cellar lane in Ameis – "Loamgstettn"

Idyllic, one of the most beautiful cellar lanes in Weinviertel, about 300 years old and about 1 km from the village of Ameis.
Tours: May–October, always the 1st Sunday in a month, at 3 p.m., after booking at any time
Price: €3.50 per person with a wine sample, €7 per person with a snack
Booking: Mr. Erwin Neydharth, +43 (0) 664 / 302 76 26

Wine lane in the Falkenstein municipality

Nice experience in any season. A guide will tell you everything about the history of the "Falkensteiner Berggericht" wine with a delicious glass of wine in one of the most famous cellar lanes in Weinviertel. You may buy wine with one of the local wine growers.
Tours: April–October, always on Wednesdays at 4 p.m. (from 4 people), upon booking at any time
Price: €4 per person, with wine tasting €8 per person
Meeting point: at the wine press ("Alte Presse") in the cellar lane
Booking: Municipal office of Falkenstein, +43 (0) 2554 / 853 40

Zwingendorf – "Schatzberg"

Ride on an ancient tractor in a cellar lane (from 6 people).
Tours: April–October, every 1st Thursday of a month
Price: €4.50 per person, with wine tasting €8 per person
Booking: Bsteh family (Gasthaus Bsteh), Wulzeshofen, +43 (0) 2527 / 203

Wildendürnbach – "Sensual wine experience"

and a tour of the "Golingbir" cellar lane. A tour may also be connected with wine tasting and purchase from local wine growers.
Sensual wine experience: February–October, every Friday at 4 p.m.
Price: from €4 per person
Tour of cellar lane: April–October, every Saturday from 4 p.m.
Price: from €4 per person
Meeting point: at the chapel (Hubertusskapelle), Mr. Manfred Monetti, +43 (0) 676 / 435 63 29
Upon booking, cellar lane tours possible throughout the year.

Unterstinkenbrunn – "Loamgrui" cellar village

Very famous and unique in Weinviertel.
The name of "Loamgrui", literary "Lehmgrube" – "Clay Pit", describes the place and material, i.e. where and from what this cellar lane was built. The route includes a tour in the cellar village, wine tasting and a small snack.
A possibility to buy wine.
Tours: mid-March – end of October
Price: €7.50 per person
Meeting point: as per an agreement with Mr. Thomas Gass
Booking of a tour in the cellar village throughout the year possible: Mr. Thomas Gass, +43 (0) 664 / 50 50 304
Min. number of people for a tour: 4 persons, discount for groups.

Weinviertel wine trails – an experience full of joy

The Veltlin area – "Veltlinerland" – lies on the Weinviertel wine trail where you can discover on foot or on bicycle the charming local diversity. It is reflected by local wines, which gave the name to the area – you can enjoy not only the wines, but also the landscape. Wine has been influencing the culture, landscape and way of life here since ancient times. Do not miss the experience in the world of winemakers and learn how your favourite wine is made.
For more information, visit:

Events in the cellar lanes throughout the year


  • Easter "Oster-Grean" 
  • Wine route in Weinviertel


  • Long night of cellar lanes 
  • A festivity in the "Golingbir" cellar lane in Wildendürnbach 
  • Cellar festivity at "Schatzberg" Wulzeshofen


  • Wine-art-culture (cellar lane in Falkenstein) 
  • Wild pumpkin festival ("Brunn-Beri" cellar lane in Hanfthal) 
  • Young wine feast (cellar lane in Wultendorf) 
  • Wine autumn in Weinviertel


  • Wine days (Falkenstein) 
  • "Wine and Cheese" (Falkenstein) 
  • Advent in cellar lanes: "Loamgrui" Unterstinkenbrunn
  • (if the first Advent Sunday is in November)


  • Advent in the cellar lanes: "Brunn-Beri" Hanfthal,
  • "Haugsdorfer Trifft" Groharras 
  • Live Christmas crib in "Golingbir", Wildendürnbach, Advent trail in Loosdorf

Guided tours are in German language.
We will gladly provide you with more information in Czech on events, tours and open cellars in the cellar lanes in the Tourist Office (except Austrian public holidays): Mon–Fri: 8 a.m.–4 p.m. or on the phone also on weekends Sat–Sun: 9 a.m.–6 p.m.


Wine boutique "Vinophil" in Laa/Thaya, Bürgerspitalgasse 1
Opening hours: Wed, Thu, Fri 4–10 p.m., Sat 10–12 a.m., 7–10 p.m.

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