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Wine and Viticulture

Mikulov and its surroundings is a traditional wine centre. The geographical position, the climate and the varied soil of the Mikulov wine region with the limestone slopes of the Pálava Hills affect the unique character of the local wine. This was already discovered by Ancient Romans, who considered the Pálava region ideal for vine growing.

The major wine centres of the Mikulov wine region include Mikulov in the first place, and further Valtice, Dolní Dunajovice, Novosedly, Perná, Sedlec, Pavlov, Dolní Věstonice, Horní Věstonice and Brod nad Dyjí.


Talk about Wine

The Mikulov region is known for its white vine varieties - occupying 80% of the local vineyards. The higher lime content in the soil and the warm climate lend white wines made from them special strong mineral taste.


Wine Events

Wine lovers will find here the offer of current wine-related events in Mikulov. We believe everybody will find something interesting there. For more information about wine-related events in the Mikulov region see the web site www.vinazmoravy.cz.


Educational Viticulture Paths

People loving healthy lifestyle will appreciate the combination of wine tasting with nature sport in the beautiful landscape around the Pálava Hills. This relatively small territory is crossed with several educational paths focused on viticulture. We only mention the sections of the routes belonging to our region.


Where to for Wine?

In Mikulov you will come across wine everywhere you go. Wines of this sub-region are so specific that they meet the strictest demands of connoisseurs and wine lovers of all generations.


Exhibitions of Viticulture

The new viticulture exposition of the Regional Museum in Mikulov consists of three parts: the Chateau Cellar with the greatest rarity of the museum – the giant wine cask dating from 1643, the “Traditional Viticulture in Moravia" and finally the gallery of historic worm presses.