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Educational Viticulture Paths

People loving healthy lifestyle will appreciate the combination of wine tasting with nature sport in the beautiful landscape around the Pálava Hills. This relatively small territory is crossed with several educational paths focused on viticulture. We only mention the sections of the routes belonging to our region.

Moravian Vine Path

  • Total length: cca 280 km
  • Route: Drnholec • Novosedly • Nový Přerov • Dobré Pole • Březí • Mikulov • Klentnice • Pavlov • Dolní Věstonice • Strachotín • Pouzdřany • Popice
  • The Moravia Vine Path is the backbone route of the network of regional cycling paths crossing the landscape of South Moravia and connecting the ancient town of Znojmo with the Moravian Slovakian capital of Uherské Hradiště. The red marked path crosses all Moravian vine sub-regions and seven of the ten local vine paths. The points of interest on the route include 70 viticulture villages, protected natural beauties and major historic and architectural sights of the region. Wine is introduced in the authentic environment of wine cellars or wine cellar lanes, showing unique examples of folk architecture of the region.

Mikulov Vine Path

  • Total length: cca 82 km
  • Route: Mikulov • Sedlec • Úvaly • Valtice • Hlohovec • Lednice • Bulhary • Milovice • Dolní Věstonice • Strachotín • Ivaň • Pasohlávky • Brod nad Dyjí • Novosedly • Nový Přerov • Dobré Pole • Březí • Mikulov
  • The route of the Mikulov Vine Path is situated in the Mikulov Vine Sub-Region. The path starts in Mikulov (with the protected urban reserve, the Regional Museum in the chateau with an exhibition of viticulture) and continues to Valtice (Chamber of Czech Wines). The southern section of the closed circuit crosses the Lednice-Valtice Area. By the Colonnade of Reistno the path climbs to its highest point above the sea level to continue with an attractive country section near the state frontier. From Dolní Věstonice the northern section of the route continues across the Nové Mlýny water reservoir to the municipalities of Strachotín, Pasohlávky, Novosedly and Nový Přerov back to Mikulov.

Educational Viticulture Path Mikulov

  • Total length: cca 20 km
  • Trasa: Mikulov • Bavory • Perná • Horní Věstonice • Dolní Věstonice • Pavlov • Klentnice • Mikulov
  • The thematic educational path introduces to the visitors the history of viticulture in the region below the Pálava. The path is marked and equipped with information notice boards. The route is medium demanding and may be covered on foot, by bike or by car. The path begins at the parking place by Komerční banka under the Mikulov Square. There is the possible detour to the chateau and to its cellars before you continue towards the vine municipalities below the Pálava. From Bavory the path continues in the fields to Perná, the seat of the well-known vine growing and cultivation station. Then the path continues via Horní Věstonice to Dolní Věstonice (archaeological exhibition, an example of Haban cellars) and to Pavlov (one of the best preserved viticulture villages, urban reserve). From there the path leads to Klentnice.

Stará Hora Vine Path

  • Total length: 3,5 km
  • Route: Stará hora (37 km) • Mikulov • Bavory • Dolní Dunajovice • Brod nad Dyjí • Novosedly • Dobré Pole • Březí
  • The path is part of the cycling route called Stará hora [Old Mountain] (37 km)
  • The path crosses vineyards in the Stará hora locality (Stará Hora is a hill near Novosedly). The 11 information notice boards introduce the history and the present of vine growing and viticulture in the traditional vine region of the Novosedly municipality (including details of viticulture, vineyard care, wine legislation, correct wine tasting etc.).

Valtice Educational Vine Path

  • Total length: 5 km
  • Route: Valtice • Reistna • Valtice
  • The marked thematic educational path across Valtice and surroundings introduces the second largest vine centre of the Mikulov wine sub-region. The route is equipped with 19 trilingual information notice boards and begins in the Valtice square. Across the chateau plot the path continues to the Valtice vineyards up the Reistna hill above Valtice with a view of the whole Lednice-Valtice area. Then the path returns through the vineyards to the historic part of Valtice.