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26.7 km




125 m


90 %

country roads

10 %

Entrance to circuit

Mikulov, Březí, Dobré Pole, Nový Přerov

Marked roads

41, EV9, Greenway Prague–Vienna, Mikulovská, Moravská vinná, Stará hora


Březí, Nový Přerov, Mikulov

Please note

In Mikulov, international route 52 must be crossed using the pedestrian crossing near the roundabout at Billa.

Good to know

This route is in the largest part free from motor vehicle traffic: it can be recommended to families with children and it is also suitable for in-line skates.

height profile

465 m 470 m

Circuit points

Mikulov - Náměstí
Pěchotní srub MJ-S 29 „Svah“
Dobré Pole
Nový Přerov
Dobré Pole
Mikulov - Náměstí

Tips and historical sites along the way

Mikulov – the historical centre of the town is an urban conservation area where you can see, among other sights, the plague column, a fountain with a statue of Pomona, or the richly decorated Renaissance house “U Rytířů” (Knights’ House). The Dietrichstein Tomb in the south-eastern end of the square. It used to be a church of St. Anna, rebuilt after fire as the tomb of the Dietrichstein family, where the remains of the Dietrichstein family members rest.

Infantry Cabin MJ-S 29 “Slope” (Pěchotní srub „Svah”) – a stronghold located on the route between Mikulov and Březí, built in the 1930s. Here you can see the weaponry of the Czechoslovak People’s Army.

Nový Přerov – a wine-making village. You can visit the Church of St. Michael the Archangel.

Mikulov – Nový Přerov – Mikulov

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