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The Mikulov region is known for its white vine varieties - occupying 80% of the local vineyards. The higher lime content in the soil and the warm climate lend white wines made from them special strong mineral taste.


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The most widely spread variety is Wallachian Riesling, imported from North Italy. The variety likes the calcic soil and produces excellent wine. Young wine tasting of currant or gooseberry matures to medium strong fresh tastes. The taste of the wine is acid and sparkling.

Another popular variety is Rhine Riesling, coming from the Rhineland and belongs to the serotinous varieties. The best wine is achieved by over-ripening of the grapes. The characteristic features of Rhine Riesling include its typical yellow-green colour and fine aroma with a hint of linden blossom. Mature wine is peppery and spicy.

Rhine Riesling lends its properties to the new variety called Aurelius. The variety was cultivated in the Perná cultivation station. Its typical features include full, strong taste and fine characteristic quince and linden aroma.

The municipality of Perná is also the origin of another new variety, Pálava, appreciated even by leading French wine specialists. The variety yields full wine of golden colour with lower acid content and rose and vanilla aroma.

The varied family of white wines from the region further includes Ruland White or Chardonnay, originating from Burgundy. Both varieties like the calcic soil. While Ruland White is characterised by fine flowery aroma combined with pear, bread rind and hazelnut aroma of the mature wine, the mature Chardonnay smells of honey. The latter wine is characterised with full, typical taste and aroma, spiciness and higher intensity of aromatic substances.

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The deep loess soil welcomes Veltlín Green, wine with a broad scale of aromas depending on the soil structure of the vineyard. Wine coming from deep earthy soil smells of linden blossom, while gravel soil lends the wine bitter almond aroma and taste and loess soil peppery spiciness.

Gravel soil is also good for blue vine varieties such as Svatovavřinecké, the most popular variety for Moravian red wine, preferred for its dark red colour and strong wild cherry or black currant aroma. Frankovka, typical for northern vineyards, is characterised with pleasant spiciness combined with fruit flavour, while Blue Portugal, with fewer tannin, is lighter and smells of flowers.

Now you know what to imagine when someone says Mikulov and wine. You will remember you favourite variety, your experiences of the country where the wine came from, and the people growing it with love and respect for tradition. It will no longer matter whether the wine was cabinet wine, late pick or selection of grapes and berries. Every visitor will find his way here: One through the vineyards, and the other through his heart…