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The Turold Cave

in one of the oldest nature reserves

in one of the oldest nature reserves

The Turold Cave

Turold Cave is the largest and the most important cave of the Pálava Hills. The length of all corridors, halls and domes exceeds 1 km. The cave is distinguished with its “Turold-style” decorations and with the largest winter refuge for bats.

Nature reserve Turold
The educational trail “Turold”
Geopark Turold

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On the northern edge of Mikulov there is the limestone hill of Turold (385 m above sea level). In the wall of the former limestone quarry there is the entrance to the Karst underground of the Turold Caves. The limestone quarry was opened there as early as in 1873 and the stone quarrying continued until 1937. The quarrying, unfortunately destroying most of the Jurassic limes, uncovered a complex cave system, whose origins date back to 15 million years ago. Since 1951 more corridors and halls were discovered on several levels with the total length of about 1 km. The caves also offer underground lakes and especially extraordinary decorations with sinter covers making the impression of petrified foam. Elsewhere the walls and ceiling of the caves are covered with calcite crystals and clusters. The bottom of the caves is frequently flooded with water. Stalactites and stalagmites are rare.

The Na Turoldu Cave is one of the largest and most important winter refuges for bats in the Czech Republic, including the critically endangered rare species. Other regularly (even though individually) wintering species include the large bat, the lashed bat and the ciliated bat. Near the cave there is a geological park.

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