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3.3 Km




77 m


100 %

country roads

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Possibility of entering the trail

From road 414 between the brickworks and the turning to Brod nad Dyjí.

Marked roads


Wine tasting is possible at stop 10.

Pitfalls on the trail

Good to know

The path was built by the company Víno Marcinčák. The path joins up with the Stará Hora cycle path.

height profile

89 m 89 m

Important points on the path

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Panel 2
Panel 3
Panel 4
Panel 5
Panel 6
Panel 7
Panel 8
Panel 9
Panel 10
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Tips on the path

The path is an extension to the Stará Hora cycle path. It runs through the Stará Hora wine region and takes in 11 stops providing tourists with information on the varieties of wine cultivated here and about viticulture and winegrowing in general. 

An invitation to the stará hora educational viticulture path

Panel 1      The Novosedly winegrowing community
Panel 2      Saint Laurent
Panel 3      Blaufränkisch
Panel 4      Viticulture
Panel 5      Blauer Zweigelt
Panel 6      Tourist programmes from Vinařství Marcinčák
Panel 7      Riesling
Panel 8      Pinot Noir
Panel 9      Special wines from Vinařství Marcinčák
Panel 10    Wine tasting
Panel 11    Vinařství Marcinčák

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