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National nature reserve

Křivé jezero (Crooked Lake)

This locality is not accessible to the public for it is a rare example of a meadow with remains of a natural river basin, river meadows and moors and water populations. The territory is the home for many unique plants (such as Viennese drugsquill, swamp viola, mud earthnut pea, Siberian iris, pungent wood-sage, mud milkweed, swamp meadow-rue and others). The population of spring snowflake is the largest in the Czech Republic. The reserve protects unique example of riverbank biotopes, with all major animal species, including branchipods and some examples of shelled species. The pool banks are home for the rare large ground beetle, and the solitary oaks are home for the still common huge longhorn beetle. The polls are ideal reproduction environment for a large number of amphibians, such as green tree frog, sharp-nosed brown frog, small brown frog, croaking common frog, and the critically endangered large newt. The Křivé lake is the nesting locality for sea eagle, red and brown hawk, and white lark colonies coming in spring. The reserve was originally announced as protective area for the reason of the unique nesting of large geese on the willows. Recently European beaver has become a common species populating the reserve.

basic information


126,63 ha


163 - 165 m

The area is protected from

14. 9. 1973

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