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Nature monument

Anenský vrch (Anne´s Hill)

You can find Anenský Vrch in the middle of fields and vineyards with no footpath leading to it. It is extremely rich in vegetation, although it is not one of the more important protected parts of Pálava. Botanical research has recorded a total of 130 species of higher plants on Anenský Vrch, including species protected by the law such as the pygmy iris, the Italian starwort and the burning bush. You can also find plants with geographical names here, such as Achillea pannonica Scheele, Chamaecytisus austriacus, Dorycnium germanicum and Chamaecytisus ratisbonensis, and you might even come across the grass known as red spire. Anenský Vrch, located in the middle of the agricultural landscape, also provides a refuge for many animal species, such as birds nesting in the bushes, the most important of which include the red-backed shrike and the barred warbler.

basic information


1,14 ha


243 - 268 m

The area is protected from

1. 1. 1987

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