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Mikulov – Sedlec – Lednice – Janohrad – Mušlov – Mikulov


41.3 km




325 m


70 %

country roads

30 %

Entrance to circuit

Mikulov, Sedlec, Hlohovec, Lednice

Marked roads

5044, Moravská vinná, Stará hora, 41, EV9, Greenway Prague–Vienna, Mikulovská, 411, EV13, Knížecí stezka, 412, 5066, Velkopavlovická, Lednická, the blue trail


Mikulov, Sedlec, Lednice

Please note

While passing through the town of Mikulov, pay attention to the traffic signs such as one-way street, no entry, bikes need to be walked; in Mikulov international route 52 must be crossed using the pedestrian crossing near the roundabout at Billa.

Good to know

John’s Castle is a realistic imitation of a castle built between the years 1801 and 1808, used as a hunting lodge.

height profile

548 m 549 m

Circuit points

Mikulov - 1. května
Janův Hrad
Mikulov - 1. května

Tips and historical sites along the way

Lednice – you arrive along Nesyt and Hlohovec ponds. Available tours of the majestic chateau and park which form part of the Lednice-Valtice area included in the UNESCO World Heritage since 1996.

Minaret – an outlook tower in the Lednice-Valtice complex erected at the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th centuries. This structure is exceptional in character in Europe and, almost 60 metres high, is one of the tallest on the continent.

Mušlov – is part of Mikulov, the trail leads around windbreaks and among vineyards and round Mušlov Lower Pond.

Mikulov – Sedlec – Lednice – Janohrad – Mušlov – Mikulov

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