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Laa an der Thaya – Staatz – Kottingneusiedl – Neudorf bei Staatz – Laa an der Thaya


33.7 km




219 m


80 %

country roads

20 %

Entrance to circuit

Laa an der Thaya, Wultendorf Staatz, Enzersdorf, Kottingneusiedl, Neudorf bei Staatz

Marked roads

5, 819, Veltliner-Radweg, 915


Laa an der Thaya, Wultendorf Staatz, Kottingneusiedl, Neudorf bei Staatz

Please note

In Austria the trail runs in part along less busy roads.

Good to know

The castle (today in ruins) at the top of Staatzer-Klippe used to be considered impregnable. The greater was the surprise when it had been captured and destroyed in the Thirty Years’ War.

height profile

330 m 319 m

Circuit points

Laa an der Thaya
Neudorf im Weinviertel
Laa an der Thaya

Tips and historical sites along the way

Laa an der Thaya – the thermal spa of Laa with an outdoor swimming-pool, Laa Castle with a historical courtyard and medieval tower with a viewing platform, the Beer Museum, the Carriage Museum and the Regional Museum, an orthodox church and a cemetery with war monuments to the dead Russian soldiers.

Staatz – the medieval castle ruins on Staatzer- Klippe Hill, a mountain-climbing trail on the northern side of the hill, the rock stage Staatz, a chateau cellar.

Neudorf bei Staatz – the Kirchstetten Chateau in the settlement of the same name connected to the township of Neudorf bei Staatz. Since 1999 the “Culture of Kirchstetten Chateau” events have been held at the Chateau every year. Based on announcement of a visit and in the course of traditional festivals the chateau tours are provided.

Laa an der Thaya – Staatz – Kottingneusiedl – Neudorf bei Staatz – Laa an der Thaya

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