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2.2 km




42 m


100 %

country roads

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The beginning of the path

you can begin the trail at panel 1 – the border service road from the Mikulov direction, panel 2 – the border service road from the Sedlec direction, or panel 3 – the path from the Drasenhofen direction

Number of stops

6 information panels and 1 large resting point


the trail is accessible all year round for walking and cycling

Path type

walking, cycling

Good to know

The bridge was declared Monument of the Year 2020.

height profile

37 m 34 m

Important points on the path

Panel 1
Panel 2
Panel 3
Barokní cihlový most
Panel 4
Panel 5
Panel 6

Tips on the path

This educational trail was established on renewed historical routes that connected the Moravian and Austrian border regions until World War II. The trail will take you through the northern part of the former island Portz Insel and acquaint you with the history of the area, the Dietrichstein hunting lodge and the nature in the locality. The trail takes in a unique historical structure – a fifteen-arch Baroque bridge that was the subject of a great renovation project in 2020. There is no need to follow the panels in numerical order – you can start out from any point along the trail. The trail also takes in one large resting point located between stops 1 and 2 on the route of the former border service or “signal” road. This cross-border educational trail will take you to the immediate vicinity of Drasenhofen in Austria.

Your invitation to the educational trail “Portz Insel”

Panel 1 – The history of Portz Insel island
Panel 2 – Interesting features and nature in the locality
Panel 3 – The history of the bridge and its restoration
Panel 4 – Ponds, fauna and flora
Panel 5 – The border in the Portz Insel locality
Panel 6 – Get to know the Moravian-Austrian borderlands

The educational trail “Portz Insel”

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