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8 information panels


the trail is accessible all year round on foot only

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on foot only

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The Turold Geopark is one of the stops along the path

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There are a total of 8 information panels on this educational trail. It is just 300 metres long, but it might take you as much as an hour. The trail is accessible all year round and follows the road to the Turold Cave for the most part. There are information panels located at the bottom of the quarry, where visitors can acquaint themselves with the local area, items of interest in the Pálava Protected Landscape Area, the geological structure of the cliffs, paleontological and archaeological findings, and the development of the cave system. One of the interesting features on the trail is a geological park. The trail is administered by the Pálava Protected Landscape Area Administration.

Your invitation to the educational trail “Turold”

Panel 1 – A Walk over the Hill that Disappeared
Panel 2 – Change is Life and Death
Panel 3 – Journey to the Bottom of an Ancient Sea
Panel 4 – Chronicle of Ancient Times
Panel 5 – In the Cold, Silence and Darkness
Panel 6 – Cave of Hibernating Sleepers
Panel 7 – Say Where the Flowers Are
Panel 8 – A Chance of a New Life
Panel G – Geological Park: Rocks from all over the Czech Republic

The educational trail “Turold”

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