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Nature monument

Růžový kopec (Rose Hill)

Rose Hill is part of the Pálava protected landscape area. The top of the hill is formed of sedimentary rocks of the Ždánice-Hustopeče formation from which a limestone boulder protrudes at the peak. Small areas of meadow steppe and selvedge communities are found on the plateau at the top of the hill, while scrubby steppe is found near the top of the eastern slope. The western slope of the hill with newer fallow terraces is overgrown with grassy vegetation remaining following the elimination of acacia growth. 158 species of vascular plant were found at the locality in the 1990s, including such specially protected plants as the Italian starwort, the pygmy iris, Astragalus onobrychis, narrow-leaved flax, the snowdrop anemone, the burning bush and the Austrian violet. The steppe areas require occasional shepherding, mowing or at least the cutting of overgrowth. The composition of the fauna is extremely similar to the fauna at the Anenský Vrch nature sanctuary.

basic information


6,20 ha


260 - 286 m

The area is protected from

1. 1. 1987

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