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Nature monument

Na cvičišti

This locality was used in the past as a military training ground and the activities of the army on the former fields here created an extremely diverse environment that provided suitable conditions for a wide range of organisms that seek out bare and sparingly overgrown soil or prefer a grassy landscape with bushes. The plants that do well here include the summer pheasant’s eye and the annual yellow roundwort. Forty species of protected animals, particularly invertebrates, have also found a home here. Populations of the eastern eggar moth and the butterflies the sloe hairstreak and the dryad also live here. You can also find protected wasps and bees here, such as Lasioglossum marginatum, which like to build their nests in the sand. Around forty species of bird also occur here, including the hoopoe whose largest breeding population in the Czech Republic is found in the neighbouring Milovice Forest.

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54,50 ha


242 - 300 m

The area is protected from

5. 8. 2016

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