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This South Moravian town has kept the tradition of vine harvests for over two centuries. Now the ceremony is called Pálava Vine Harvest. The first Pálava Vine Harvest was held under the present name in 1947, 15 years before the first Znojmo vine harvest. The original celebration was held on the premises of Sirotčí hrádek at Klentnice. For the past over 40 years the venue of the wine festival has been the town of Mikulov.

The first wine festival held in Mikulov took place on the square and in the chateau. After erection of the open air theatre the programme expanded to the whole town. All vine harvest celebrations have always taken three days. Vine harvest is the beginning of the best period of the year for vintners – grape picking, pressing, young wine – till November with the first wine tasting.

The Mikulov vine harvest has inseparably been linked with one of the major historic events in history of Mikulov. In autumn 1403 the armoured squadron of the Mikulov castle liberated King Venceslas IV from Vienna prison. This year again on Friday night the squadron will set off from the square to Vienna, headed by Knight Jan of Liechtenstein, and at Saturday noon all visitors to the wine festival will welcome Czech king Venceslas IV with his accompaniment in the Mikulov square. The historic Saturday parade will be followed with a parade of about 400 people in folk costumes consisting of members of the local associations and ensembles. Like every year the parade will feature Bacchus and allegoric carriages of local vintners.

The varied cultural offer will attract all from the smallest children to the old vintners. Regular recurring events during the vintage include the traditional Ascent to the Holy Hill, the National Wine Competition of the Mikulov wine-growing sub-region in connection with public tasting, the Czech Wine Aroma Recognition Championship, the wine-growing town and more.

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