The town of Mikulov, an ancient town with a lot of historic sights, is situated in a unique region of beauties of nature, fairy-tale chateaux and ancient castles, excellent wine and hospitable people rightly called the Garden of Europe. There is no other place in the world with two major reserves of the World Cultural and Nature Heritage of UNESCO.

Information about This Vine Harvest Festival

This year ´s Pálava Vine Harvest and Wine Festival will be held on 12 – 14 September 2008.

Tradition of Pálava Vine Harvest

This South Moravian town has kept the tradition of vine harvests for over two centuries. Now the ceremony is called Pálava Vine Harvest. The first Pálava Vine Harvest was held under the present name in 1947, 15 years before the first Znojmo vine harvest. The original celebration was held on the premises of Sirotčí hrádek at Klentnice. For the past over 40 years the venue of the wine festival has been the town of Mikulov. The first wine festival held in Mikulov took place on the square and in the chateau. After erection of the open air theatre the programme expanded to the whole town. All vine harvest celebrations have always taken three days. Vine harvest is the beginning of the best period of the year for vintners – grape picking, pressing, young wine – till November with the first wine tasting.

The Mikulov vine harvest has inseparably been linked with one of the major historic events in history of Mikulov. In autumn 1403 the armoured squadron of the Mikulov castle liberated King Venceslas IV from Vienna prison. This year again on Friday night the squadron will set off from the square to Vienna, headed by Knight Jan of Liechtenstein, and at Saturday noon all visitors to the wine festival will welcome Czech king Venceslas IV with his accompaniment in the Mikulov square.

The historic Saturday parade will be followed with a parade of about 400 people in folk costumes consisting of members of the local associations and ensembles. Like every year the parade will feature Bacchus and allegoric carriages of local vintners.

In the chateau garden there will be a mediaeval market place with a military camp, ceremonially opened by the councillors of the town. Another popular event included in the wine festival is the regional exhibition of small domestic animals and exotic birds. 

The varied cultural offer will attract all from the smallest children to the old vintners.

News of the Last Wine Festival

Pálava vine harvest – the wine festival was held in Mikulov on 7 – 9 September 2007.

Experts could take part in the international wine conference VINO ENVI Mikulov 2007 on Thursday and Friday on environment-friendly viticulture.

The city centre saw a varied programme of music, singing, dance and comedies. The guests included popular singers and bands, folklore ensembles, wind orchestras, brass bands and others.

Simultaneously with the programme in the square there was another programme in the open air theatre featuring the local rock bands and Čechomor. Middle aged citizens and visitors and seniors could enjoy brass band from the Small Stage. The open air theatre also offered refreshments and traditional shopping to the visitors.

At 12 noon on Saturday the town witnessed the historic parade with King Venceslas IV followed at 2 p.m. with 400 people in folk costumes with allegoric carriages. All that ceremonially opened the second day of rejoicing and wine drinking. After dubbing knights and examples of fencing the viewers could enjoy jugglers in the chateau garden. Curious tourists could learn the art of sommeliers or songs of the wine region presented by male choruses. Dulcimer bands and groups in folk costumes were again inseparably linked with the festive atmosphere in town.

The Saturday open air theatre attracted fans of NO NAME band, Helena Zeťová, Železný Zekon, Mig 21 and Ewa Farná.

Sunday traditionally featured the festival of brass bands “Golden Grape of South Moravia” in the open air theatre.

The square offered free access to the Dietrichstein sepulchre. Art lovers could visit exhibitions in the Sepulchre and in the Town Gallery, as well as in the EFRAM Gallery in Husova street.

On Sunday the first climb to the Holy Hill of Mikulov in the wine festival history was held. The programme also included movie previews in the newly reconstructed Town Movie Theatre. The movies “Gympl” and “Medvídek” were previewed at the presence of the film directors and main cast. Another new development was the Mikulov Express Train, taking the visitors from Brno to Mikulov and back.  Excellent experiences also included the performance of the “Kašpar” theatre ensemble in the Dietrichstein sepulchre and of the street theatre V.O.S.A., featured in the square on Sunday afternoon.

You will certainly not be bored at the Pálava wine festival. That is why we would like to warmly welcome not the first-time visitors but also those who come every year!

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